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As we’ve been growing the farm this year, we’ve been getting the Hale Ranch in Potter Valley into full production. What goes really well with all the fresh leafy green vegetables, lamb, pork, and chicken we already grow and raise? We think lots of onions, potatoes and beans are good crops to grow. Not only do people like to eat them, but they are storable. Plus, we can partly mechanize their production.

Our potato field in Potter Valley.

A potato plant.

This year, we planted all the potatoes by hand, but next year, we hope to use a two-row transplanter. Our friend in Covelo is going to give it to us since he does not grow a lot of potatoes. As in past years, we bought certified potato seed from Colorado, putting in an order together with Sanhedrin Nursery, Live Power Community Farm, and Inland Ranch. For harvest in July or August, we will be using a potato digger, given to us by a fellow in Willits. It is for use by draft horses, but we’ll be hooking it up to the tractor.

We also finally finished transplanting onions and shallots earlier this month. We have about 11 beds of onions and 2 of shallots, for about 1/5 of an acre. They have really been enjoying the cool weather.

.2 acre of onions and shallots

This week, we plan on planting garbanzo, kidney, and heirloom pinto beans at the Hale Ranch. Some of the seed we bought ourselves, and some were purchased by Doug with the Mendocino Grain Project. We will grow the crops – seeding, weeding, irrigating, etc. – and Doug will harvest and clean it with his equipment. We are hoping the season will continue to bless us with great growing weather!


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