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Is it still raining?

Is it still raining?

It’s grey and wet today, but we’re busy as ever with CSA veggie planting, bottle-feeding kid goats, and keeping our sheep in check in the vineyard. Spinach and peas are popping up out of the ground as are the beets and carrots. Potatoes have been planted in Potter Valley and starting to break the surface. Lettuce is thriving in the high tunnel. We have one soil test back and we’re calculating nutrient requirements for the different crops to see if we need to add any amendments. And our yearly organic crop inspection is coming up next week!
Yes, it’s busy on the farm, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for you to come visit with us! Many thanks for supporting our farm – your farm. There are currently 26 CSA shareholders, with the hope for at least 50 members this year.
Cashflowing the farm is extremely tight, meat sales are helping subsidize the vegetable cropping, and we’re making cuts in the budget to make ends meet. We are keeping up on bills, but we still need to put significant investment into upgrading our postharvest handling, including the walk-in cooler. But, we’re still getting crops in the ground and hope that commodity prices are favorable this year. We will most likely have to sell certain surplus crops to Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op and restaurants. Local restaurants are tricky to sell to because they typically pay very low prices for very low volume, but we have a good relationship with Bar Agricole (a James Beard Foundation Award Finalist this year!) in San Francisco who always wants more of our produce. The Ukiah Unified School District is also interested in our produce.
If you know someone interested in joining our CSA but is not sure, please invite them to the April 13 farm tour at the home ranch. This will be just one of a couple farm events we’re hosting this year.
We’ll also be at a big CSA Open House in Hopland on Saturday, April 20, from 11am-5pm. It’s part of the Solar Living Institute’s Earth Day Festival, and we’ll be one of eight CSA farms with farm information, looking for more sign-ups. There’s also going to be a couple cooking demos with food from CSA farms, as well as the entire Earth Day Festival happening!
Hope to see you at one of these events, and thanks!
Adam & Paula Gaska

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A few people have asked, and we just want to clarify – YES, we are amenable to payment plans for the Vegetable CSA! Whether you want to do $100- or $80-installments, or something else, just let us know. Don’t be shy about asking. We want to farm organic vegetables just as much as you want to eat them. Maybe more. So we want to make it work. 🙂 And a suggestion from another CSA farm: send post-dated checks. It’s like automatic withdrawals, so of.

Also, we have been in touch with the Regenerative Design Center in Mendocino, and they are willing to host a distribution site there. So sweet. Here’s to community organizing. They are hosting a seed exchange and Farm-to-Table dinner on Friday, March 23. Mendocino Organics will be there, and you should, too.

A Short Farm Update

We’ve got our Ford tractor serviced. We finally bought our own equipment trailer. No rain and lots of sun this week. So we should be tilling up the ground, doing our field sprays (BD 500), and putting transplants in the ground. Peas are going in the ground. We got a new Earthway seeder to seed arugula, radishes, and turnips. We’ll be clearing out the field of winter brassicas to seed carrots, beets, and spinach. We are March-ing right into spring. Please support us in our endeavors by joining the CSA and co-create a beautiful landscape of food and fill your bellies with flavorful vegetables this year!

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Have you heard of listener-supported radio? When I heard that KDFC was having its first ever fundraiser (yes, we *love* classical music), the hosts talked about listener-supported radio. And it made me think about our community-supported farm. In some ways they are similar. With our farm, without a community of eaters working with us, well, we will not be able to grow produce. If not enough people join the Vegetable CSA, we won’t have the operating funds to carry out the growing season.

If you’re not familiar with community-supported agriculture and why it’s so important for revitalizing local food production, please check out our recently updated About CSA page. And contact us if you have any questions! An associative economy – the essence of CSA – is a wonderful alternative to the current food distribution system, and you can participate in this new paradigm with us, Mendocino Organics CSA.

While you’re at it, see what Events we have in store this year for our CSA members. Why not reconnect with the food production system in a new way and see how your food is grown? And yes, yes, there will always be good eating involved with our farm!

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Bay Area friends – consider attending the Slow Money National Gathering in San Francisco October 12-14! Vandana Shiva and Wes Jackson are just a couple of the keynote speakers. Paula from Mendocino Organics will be there on a panel, “Building Tomorrow’s Local Food Systems: Next generation food entrepreneurs share their vision and experience.” It will be a great event for investors, entrepreneurs, concerned citizens, and activists!

From the Slow Money website:

Thousands of Americans have begun affirming a new direction for the economy. It’s called Slow Money.

Inspired by the vision of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing As If Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered, published in 2009, the Slow Money Alliance is bringing people together around a new conversation about money that is too fast, about finance that is disconnected from people and place, about how we can begin fixing our economy from the ground up… starting with food.

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Potato Harvest Party!

Dear friends of the farm,

Please join us for a fun afternoon of farming, food, and friends! This Sunday, August 7, 2pm – 4pm, we’re hosting a Potato Harvest Party at one of the properties we’ve been farming in Potter Valley.
We’re going to get our “new” old potato digger going to dig up the potatoes, and all we have to do is pick them up! Many hands make light work, as they say… A fellow in Willits graciously gave us his potato digger, which was originally designed for use by draft horses, but we’ll be using one of our tractors to pull it. We’ve been digging the potatoes out by hand, but it’s not very sustainable for our backs, so we’re very excited to get this relic of small-scale mechanized agriculture going.
You may have tried our potatoes this season at the farmers market, Westside Renaissance Market or in the Live Power CSA shares. So, come check out the land, help out and take home a couple pounds of potatoes! We’ll provide refreshments and answer any questions you have about growing potatoes, vegetables, and anything about our farm.
Please RSVP if you plan on coming so we know how many folks to expect. No dogs, please. Hope you can make it!
Adam Gaska & Paula Manalo
Mendocino Organics
(707) 272-5477

Potato digger

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Farm Events!

FYI, be sure to check out our events page this season – we are planning lots of fun stuff, particularly centered around food storage. Our goal this year is to offer more opportunities for CSA members and others in the community to experience the land and farm. Dates have not been finalized, but we are planning for a potato harvesting party, tomato canning, and sauerkraut making at the farm. Embrace the social aspect of food and farming, and come on over 🙂

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The Greenhorns is stopping in Mendo during their West Coast Tour! Farm apprentices, journeymen/women, beginning farmers, experienced farmers, farm supporters, and people who want to learn how to support new farmers are all invited!

Sponsors include Frey Vineyards, Mendocino Organic Network, and Mendocino County Farmers Market Association.

Food and drink donors include Full Moon Farm, the Fatted Calf, Mendocino Organics, Westside Renaissance Market, Ukiah Brewing Company, Mendocino Brewing Company, and more.

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