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This past weekend, despite the smoke, Adam and I kept on farming – taking care of the animals, selling some chickens, and tending the veggies. Sunday, we took the ATV and explored Baker’s Canyon, which is very close to the farm site at Heart Arrow Ranch. We met a few deer, saw some amazing trees, and I couldn’t help imagining being a Pomo Indian living there. They called the place Kachadana, meaning Arrowhead Mountain. We also saw old water troughs connected to springs and much fencing from when sheep and cattle used to pasture there. Adam and Jerry plan on fixing up the fencing so that Adam can run his sheep and cows through there in the future. While exploring the old roads at Baker’s Canyon, I took this photo looking across 101 (it’s a similar view to the banner picture above).

The smoke was still pretty bad, but for now, it seems that the hard work of our firefighters is starting to pay off. We spotted a couple helicopters with water buckets; they probably have been taking water from one of the irrigation ponds at Heart Arrow as we noticed the water level had significantly dropped.

You can also see below that the cover crop is growing well. Adam needs to buy more irrigation hose to water the farthest corners of the field, but otherwise, we should be able to till it in later this month. There was a bit of yellow starthistle, which is an exotic weed and can be found in patches all over Heart Arrow, so we pulled a few of them out of the field.

Lastly, we are continuing to transfer more squash into the ground at Adam’s house, and we’re spending a lot of time weeding the onion beds. I found a couple gopher holes, so we’ll have to start being on top of those vegetable theives!


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