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Llueve. That’s “it’s raining” in Spanish. We’re practicing our Spanish, and it’s fun! The past month and a half, a fellow named Lorenzo has been working with us two or three times a week. Despite the rain, Adam and Lorenzo have been progressing putting up fencing for a pasture area at Heart Arrow. The old rangeland fencing is very old and mostly barbed wire which doesn’t keep our sheep in. So, they’ve been hiking around the hillside, taking down the barbed wire, putting in new wooden posts here and there with concrete, and stapling on new fencing that will keep the sheep and cows in. It should only be a couple more days of fencing before that first pasture area will be completed, but it will take a couple years before we have all the pastures at Heart Arrow ready with new fencing.

We’re not going to let the rain stop us from growing spring produce!

This is what happens when you try to eat our cabbage, raton.

While we’ve been able to transplant out trays of lettuce, spinach, beets, chicory, collards, cabbage, and cauliflower out of the propagation greenhouse,┬áthere are still many crops that are ready to go into the ground. But they have no place to go! When will the rain stop and the soil dry out a bit so we can cultivate? Heart Arrow and the Coyote Field being smack in the middle of wildlife habitat, we have no shortage of pest issues. Most recently, the birds have been finding their way into the greenhouse again, probably seeking some refuge from the frequent downpours, as well as to feast on our lovely lettuce and chicory. For now, we are covering the trays with row cover to provide a physical barrier.

Pac Choi

Some of the collards, cauliflower, and cabbage (repollo!) that we transplanted in the Coyote Field during a dry spell earlier in the month are looking a little hammered by the hard rain and birds. But hopefully this coming week’s sunshine and warm weather will help them bounce back. For now, we have row cover on them again, but they really need more sun.


The little bit of pac choi that is grow in the same field is coping okay and growing a small amount. The arugula, still small, is looking pretty happy in the cold frame, too. We also have a short bed of lettuce under row cover, but right now, we are transplanting the new lettuce into the newly-constructed high tunnel or hoop house. Whatever you want to call it, the plastic structure will be great for protecting crops from the rain and keeping the soil warm.

The vegetables growing in the small 20′ by 50′ greenhouse are looking pretty good:

Green Lance


We recently applied compost, shoveled up raised beds, and have transplanted lettuce, beets, and new spinach in the 30′ by 60′ hoop house. It’s a lot of hand labor, but currently, that’s how we deal with late heavy rains! Now when are we going to be able to get those potatoes in the ground…

Transplanting on our knees (nos piernas!)


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