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Lambing season started off a bit later than usual, and now that it is here, we are in full swing. We are setting up jugs (lambing pens) in the barn, which discourages mismothering. With all the newborn cries and probably hormones flying, ewes can nurse and bond in peace and order. This is an exciting time of the year.

Watch these twins take their first steps.

lamb resting 2 lamb resting 1 view of lamb nursery big lamb nursing colored ewe and lamb in jug ewe and lamb in jug smiling black lamb twin lambs dec 13


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Modern Shepherding

Our flock of sheep have been back at Heart Arrow Ranch for about a week now. Last night, we finished inventory of the flock and counted a total of 148 sheep, not including all the newborns.

Last week, we started hauling the sheep from Potter Valley, primarily because the livestock guardian dogs were being bad and wandering along public roads. We had just moved a couple ewes with newborn lambs, too. Out in the open pastures, newborns are more likely to be literally pecked off by ravens. We only have a 16′ livestock trailer right now, so it took us 6 trips to move everyone. We are not like the traditional shepherds who herd sheep miles and miles for the annual migration. If you are looking for a beautiful documentary film to watch while cozied up on your couch this winter, we recommend Sweetgrass. It follows the herding of sheep through Montana’s Absaroka-Beartooth mountains. Check out the trailer:

When we move our sheep, sometimes they get a comfy ride 🙂

lamb in truck

It’s wonderful to have the sheep back at Heart Arrow. Now we pray that it rains so the hills will green up. Friday’s snow gave us some moisture, but we’re going to need more to make sure the grass keeps growing, especially during these very short days.

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Thanks, Small Farm Central!

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New Piglets Nursing

Momma pig had her babies this morning!

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Lindsey Lusher Shute, National Young Farmers Coalition, at TEDxManhattan

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Greenhorns Book

Coming in April of this year!

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5-second video of the digger in action this past Sunday in Potter Valley.

Wow, this antique implement beats digging potatoes out by hand. And a big Thank You to the wonderful folks who helped us bag the potatoes! We harvested about 1/3 of the potatoes planted, and we estimate we bagged about one ton. We did not find much blight, but per normal organic growing practices, we will not be growing potatoes in that field again for at least three years.

Like all machinery used the first time, we had to tinker with the digger before it ran smoothly. The former owner had a funny attachment for the digger, so it did not stay on the tractor until we just chained it. We will get an appropriate pin for next time we harvest. Sometimes, you just have to make do and get it done for the moment.

Everyone is eager to help.

A quick fix.

Dust, steel, potatoes.


Potatoes ready to be picked up and sorted.

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