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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

With gratitude,

Adam & Paula


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We’re raising pastured turkeys again this year – and lots of them!

What better way to celebrate the holidays this year than with pastured, organically-fed turkey from your local farmers? If you would like to reserve a bird for the holiday, make a deposit for one today! You’ll ensure a treat for your family and friends, and you’ll help us cover some of the costs to raise your delicious main course šŸ™‚

Just fill out a form (downloadable below) and send us your $40 deposit.

Thanksgiving Turkey Flier 2011

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A few folks have asked us whether we are selling Thanksgiving turkeys again this year. Unfortunately, we are not. While we understand that you have enjoyed our pastured and organically-fed poultry in the past, we did not have enough capital this spring to raise a substantial number of them. When we made an announcement in March that we were taking deposits for Thanksgiving turkeys, we only received 9 reservations. So, next year, when you get that email or see that flier about our Thanksgiving turkeys, think about putting down a deposit. Yes, it’s a long ways off for you to think about a meal you’ll be preparing. But think about the delicious local turkey you would eat!

Most of America buys their turkeys from the vertically-integrated and consolidated turkey industry. Would you want a turkey raised on one of these farms? Where they pride themselves for using antibiotics?

For some really interesting turkey reading, check out’s comparison of supermarket, heritage, organic, and wild turkey.

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Gobble Gobble!

turkeys being goofy

turkeys being goofy

If you haven’t heard, we’re raising free-range organically-fed turkeys! They will be up to size by Thanksgiving (just two months away!). Put a down a deposit of $35 t0 reserve your bird. They cost $5/pound. Toms are +14 lb, hens are +10 lb.

Turkeys will get processed on November 21 and can be picked up at the farm. Alternatively, you can pick up your turkey at Westside Renaissance Market after that dateĀ and atĀ $5 convenience fee.

Impress your guests over the holiday with a tasty home-cookedĀ  sustainably-grown turkey!

Turkey Order Form

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This year, we are raising poultry again! We usually sell much of our poultry through Live Power Community Farm CSA membership, but we did not get enough interest this year. So, some of you may be hearing about this twice, but we wanted to offer our poultry fare to all the connoisseurs of local, tasty food.


cornish cross

Please see the poultry order form with all the pertinent details. In short, we do monthly broiler chicken shares that can be picked up at the Saturday Ukiah Farmers Market (dates are on the order form) and Thanksgiving turkey shares. In concept, it is like a poultry CSA where your deposit helps us cover initial costs. Turkey chicks cost $9 each!

The chickens will be pasturing in the fallow part of the winter CSA garden this summer, so they will also be contributing to the fertility of next winter’s vegetables!

If you are interested in buying 20+ chickens for the entire season, you have the option of picking them up all at once. (Some folks with big freezers may find this more convenient.)

We need orders by May 15, please!

Any questions, give us a call! 707.272.5477

Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkey

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